scMetrology SARL offers its expertise and know-how in the field of the characterization of superconductors with round or rectangular cross section, as well as tapes. Mandates are carried out in collaboration with established well-known laboratories, in particular with the High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the University of Geneva. The following non-exhaustive services can be provided.

• Critical current vs. magnetic field and temperature 

  ≤ 2000 A, ≤ 21 T, 2.2/4.2 K to 100 K, tape orientation

• Critical current vs. axial compressive and tensile strain 

   ≤ 1000 A, ≤ 21 T, 2.2/4.2 K to 100 K

• Critical current vs. transverse compressive stress 

   ≤ 1000 A, ≤ 21 T, 2.2/4.2 K to 100 K

• Stress vs. strain at low temperatures 

   2.2/4.2 K to 100 K

• Residual resistivity ratio (RRR) of superconductors and stabilizer material

• Specific measurements on demand (e.g. specific heat vs. temperature   and magnetic field, magnetization, thermal conductivity, etc.)